3 Memory Care Activities for Patients with Alzheimer’s

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3 Memory Care Activities for Patients with Alzheimer’s

If you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s, you’re not alone. In fact, someone develops this disease every sixty-five seconds in the United States.

Although it can be stressful and scary to watch an important person in your life suffer, there are many ways that you can help. In fact, by completing simple memory care activities with them, you can help your loved one in a plethora of ways.

Want to know more? Keep reading for tons of great information and ideas to get you started.

Why Memory Care Activities Matter

After their initial diagnosis, it’s imperative to keep Alzheimer’s patients busy with stimulating tasks. These activities will give them pleasure, help them to recover memories, and bolster emotional connections with others. Alzheimer’s activities can also ease anxiety, irritability, and depression.

Now, let’s dive into the top three activities that will provide the most benefits to your loved one.

1. Music

Whether they’re singing songs or simply listening, music is useful for people with Alzheimer’s in multiple ways. Research shows that music has both behavioral and emotional benefits for anyone suffering from this disease.

For people with Alzheimer’s, interacting with music can reduce stress, lessen anxiety or depression, and resolve general agitation. This, in part, is thanks to stored musical memories that exist in a part of the brain which is not damaged by Alzheimer’s.

It’s also a very simple way to help. So if you want quick and easy activities for Alzheimer patients, music is the best option for you.

2. Cleaning

If you’re looking for activities for dementia patients that serve multiple purposes, cleaning is an excellent choice. Even the simplest tasks like wiping surfaces, folding linens, and sweeping give the Alzheimer’s or dementia patient many benefits.

Firstly, completing these simple chores will give the person a sense of accomplishment. And secondly, these tasks will also get the patient up and moving around, which is important for their mental and physical well-being.

You can even use cleaning as a way to create fun games for Alzheimer’s patients. Get creative, and be sure to congratulate them after on a job well done!

3. Create a Time Machine

One of the best brain-exercising activities for Alzheimer’s patients is to surround them with memories of their past. This could be old home videos, the music they used to love, family photo albums, and the like.

New research even suggests that those who suffer from Alzheimer’s don’t lose memories, they just become more difficult to access. Showing patients items from their past may help them to regain clarity. Especially if they are in assisted living care, bringing slices of home to them is deeply beneficial.

Don’t Lose Hope

As you can see, even the simplest memory care activities can make a huge difference to your loved one’s health and well-being. All it takes is a little time and effort.

Just remember to stay patient during these tasks, and to have fun. After all, you should enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of these activities as well!

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