5 Enriching Activities for People with Dementia

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5 Enriching Activities for People with Dementia

Around 50 million people around the world suffer from dementia.

As the condition progresses, it can become harder to perform everyday tasks. In order to keep patients happy and stimulated, it’s important to find tasks that they can do successfully.

In this article, we’ll give you five great activities for people with dementia.

The Best Activities for People with Dementia

1. Listening to Music

Music therapy can greatly improve the quality of life of dementia patients.

It stimulates various parts of the brain, causing it to release the feel-good hormones dopamine and oxytocin. It can even trigger the brain to unlock memories that it was previously unable to access.

Patients who were previously uncommunicative can become happier and more engaged, simply by having music in their lives.

As well as listening to music, get able patients involved by giving them instruments to play. Percussive instruments such as small drums, shakers, and triangles can work well.

Bringing musicians in to play or sing to patients can provide wonderful entertainment, too.

2. Playing Card Games

Card games can be great activities for people with dementia.

Simple games such as Snap, Go Fish or Blackjack can keep them busy, as well as giving them a way to communicate and engage with staff and other patients. If they’d rather be alone, you can try teaching them to play Solitaire.

Patients who struggle to play games like these may simply enjoy shuffling cards or sorting them by suit.

However you use them, it’s best to find larger cards, which have numbers printed clearly. That way, patients will find them easy to read.

3. Gardening

Gardening helps people with dementia both mentally and physically.

It gives them something to nurture and care for, and a reason to get up and go outside. They’ll enjoy planting seeds, pulling out weeds and watering plants, all while getting some exercise and strengthening their joints.

When the flowers bloom, they can also enjoy the fruits of their labor. This will brighten up their mood as well as their home.

4. Solving Puzzles

Puzzles are perfect activities for people with dementia. They can keep them occupied for a good length of time, giving them a goal to work towards.

Crosswords and jigsaw puzzles allow them to use their concentration, which can stimulate their short-term memory function.

For patients who struggle with more complex activities, puzzle cubes are a good choice. They don’t necessarily have to be able to solve the puzzle, it can just be something to fidget with.

5. Folding Laundry

Ask dementia patients to assist you with everyday tasks where possible.

This can be something as easy as folding or sorting laundry. It will give them a feeling of achievement, as well as the satisfaction of helping around the house.

A Stimulating Environment Is Key

Using these activities in your patient’s daily routine will keep them happy and healthy. It will also give them a sense of community by getting them to interact with others.

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