5 Ways to Keep a Sharp Memory No Matter Your Age

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5 Ways to Keep a Sharp Memory No Matter…

It is pointless to compare your memory to when you were younger.

This is not only because memories themselves are fickle and change as the years go on. Research has shown that it is also because the brain of a twenty-year-old is significantly different when compared to someone who is older.

Equally, if you forgot something as a young adult, you likely thought nothing of it, but once you’re older, it becomes a fear of Alzheimer’s. It’s this fear which makes us think something could be wrong or getting worse.

Instead, it is recommended you see how others are doing in your own age range. If you are no different then you are just aging naturally.

Of course, science has also found that the changes can be mediated. Keeping a sharp memory is a surprisingly easy thing to do so long as your willing to break out of some habits you may have stuck to over the years.

Our list below is just some of the things you can do keep your brain sharp.

5 Methods for Sharp Memory

1. Find a New Hobby or Interest

There is countless research that shows learning new skills and information is the best way for your mind to stay strong.

The process of discovering something new challenges your ways of thinking and forces you to solve problems that require intense focus. This means that your brain develops new pathways and stays strong.

Anything that will take all your concentration is a great way to start. You can start studying a subject that has always interested you at a school or local group, or take up something physical but still mentally challenging like woodworking.

2. Exercise

If you believe that being active is great for your body but not your mind then you’d be wrong.

Extensive studies have revealed there is a direct link between physical activity and the mind’s ability to stay sharp. And if you dread the idea of getting sweaty and hitting a gym don’t worry. The research has seen these benefits from something as simple as walking for just 30 minutes a day.

If you want to do something more engaging then dancing or gardening are other great options you can do.

All that matters is that you keep your body moving.

3. Eat More Healthy

Brain food really exists.

Just like your muscles need protein to stay strong, your brain actually benefits from getting the right nutrition as well.

Things like berries, fish, and nuts contain a wide variety of vitamins and healthy fats that keep your mind sharp and better at functioning.

For example, avocados are great at helping your body pump blood around the body, including the brain, thanks to the monounsaturated fats. They also help lower blood pressure meaning less pressure throughout your body and mind.

Best of all, dark chocolate is also on the list of good foods, (just make sure to eat it in moderation). Look into the different foods out there and start incorporating them into your lifestyle today.

4. Don’t Underestimate Yourself

If there is one phrase you must never say to yourself or believe it is this: “I am too old to do that.”

Research has shown repeatedly that how we view ourselves and think about the world drastically affects our physical and mental state.

Think of an older person you know who has always said something like they are “young at heart” and seems to always have energy. By saying this to themselves and everyone around them and believing it they really make it happen.

Your age does not define you.

It does not dictate who you are or what you are capable of. People with no experience have started successful businesses in their eighties, some have spent months or years training to run a marathon.

Whatever you want to do with your life, you can make it happen. It will not only lift your spirits but continue to keep your mind sharp, and your life full of new experiences.

5. Keep Meeting New People

While one of life’s greatest pleasures is sitting down with old friends and enjoying their company, it is still worth it to meet others.

It turns out that socializing is an essential part of keeping your memory sharp and active. This is because you are engaging in an activity which requires short-term memory such as new names, faces, hobbies, and interests.

A Busy Life Means a Sharp Mind

Often getting older means you have more time for yourself which gives you plenty of options to take on exciting new opportunities.

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