A Connected Community: What Is Assisted Living Really Like?

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A Connected Community: What Is Assisted Living Really Like?

When mom, dad, or another elderly relative starts to get older you may notice that they just aren’t able to take care of themselves anymore. Suddenly, driving becomes a danger and even just going up the stairs puts them at risk for a fall. 

While these are perfectly normal parts of growing older, they may also be indicators that it’s time for your family member to go into elderly care. More specifically, they may need to go to an assisted living center. 

If you’re nervous about sending someone to an assisted living center, don’t stress. We’ve put together a little guide to answer your questions about what is assisted living like. 

A Typical Day at an Assisted Living Community

One of the best ways to answer the question “what is it like to be in assisted living” is to go over a daily routine. Assisted living communities have set routines that help their seniors feel at ease and get a sense of fulfillment throughout their day. 


In an assisted living community, there is 24-hour supervision just in case something happens, but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept it. In fact, seniors in assisted living communities are welcome to get up on their own schedule. 

The first person most seniors see when they wake up is a nurse or caregiver who will check on them and make sure everything is normal. They may take their vitals and give them any morning vitamins and prescriptions they usually take. 

Seniors who require a little extra assistance can get help taking a shower or getting dressed. That help is available throughout the day, too, in case they need extra assistance completing their other routines. 


During the afternoon, most seniors are completely free to do as they choose. There are often activities scheduled by the staff that they are able to take part in. 

For religious members of the community, they may be able to attend a religious service or complete other activities. Or, they may receive visits from family members. 


The day usually begins to wind up after the evening meal. While seniors are welcome to stay up as late as they choose, many residents tend to go to sleep early. 

Sometimes there are more activities planned that a resident may want to take part in. Or, they may choose to spend time with friends or simply take time to rest and unwind in their apartment. 

At bend time, a nurse usually comes by the room to see if help is needed. They’ll assist them with getting any nightly medications, undressing, and getting into bed if needed. 

There are buttons in every room in case a resident needs emergency assistance. This is also useful if a resident ever needs extra company or simply wants to stay up a little later. 

Meals in Assisted Living Communities

There’s often a misconception that assisted living communities have terrible food. People picture pureed meals at every turn of the head and worry that their loved ones won’t enjoy mealtime. 

However, this isn’t the case. Many assisted living communities have a dining room where they are able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at predetermined times. 

The staff at the community will be aware of any dietary restrictions a resident has and will make sure to offer several choices for entrees and sides. Some assisted living communities also offer apartments that have kitchens in case a resident wants to cook on their own. 

On top of that, many assisted living communities have cafeterias where residents can enjoy a snack. This is also a great place for them to meet with visiting friends and family members. 

Typical Activities in an Assisted Living Community

One of the many perks of living in assisted living community is that life is never dull. There are constantly activities running that you can participate in if you choose. 

For instance, many facilities offer opportunities for activities such as: 

  • Yoga mats
  • Golf balls and small putting courses
  • Arts and crafts materials
  • Swimming
  • Library books
  • Woodworking
  • Billiard tables
  • Board and card games

There are many different activities and supplies that you can use at your leisure. Typically, you’ll be able to rent or borrow the equipment so that you can enjoy your favorite activities. 

More scheduled activities are also available. These are a great opportunity for you to meet friends and get to know the people in your community. A few examples include: 

  • Aerobics classes
  • Educational opportunities
  • Language classes
  • Shopping excursions
  • Restaurant outings
  • Book clubs
  • Musical entertainment
  • Crafting classes
  • Happy hours
  • Social events and mixers


One of the benefits of assisted living communities is that they’re designed for everyone. You’re able to connect with people who share the same hobbies as you or you’re able to learn something new. 

Many times, assisted living communities will allow visiting friends and family members to participate in activities too. This can be hugely comforting for new residents who are still learning their way around the community. 

Get Support for an Aging Relative

It can be tough to admit that you need help, especially if you’re used to having your independence. However, if you or an elderly relative is beginning to struggle with daily tasks, an assisted living facility can be a saving grace. 

What’s more, it can be a place where residents can find community and relaxation. These facilities offer safe and comfortable places for seniors to retire. 

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