Advantages of an Assisted Living Community

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Advantages of an Assisted Living Community

In 2015, the United States was the home of 15,826 assisted living facilities. While some senior citizens need assisted living care in their daily routine, advantages of living in a community range from better healthcare to even social benefits.

Are you or a loved one curious about joining an assisted living community? Read on to see why so many Americans choose these communities, too.

Essential Help and Care

Living in an assisted living home can provide you or a loved one with the day-to-day care they need to continue living a life they love.

The leading cause of senior injury and death is falling down. With the assistance provided in an assisted living home, your loved one could instead live in a location made to be easily navigable. Staff members will also be present to address and aid your loved one in any way necessary.

The best assisted living care communities allow its residents a flexible, independent lifestyle with additional services if wanted or required. Whether these are assisted living or memory care services, the facility exists to put your loved one at ease.

Assisted Living Care Provides Community

Living in an assisted living community provides you or a loved one the opportunity to continue socializing even when movement or driving capabilities are limited.

While some individuals may enter a community with friends or loved ones, many instead find and make new friendships.

Assisted living communities often host their own events. This allows residents to meet and interact with each other. Forming friendships doesn’t have to stop with age. Through new activities and a shared living community, residents can regain social freedom.

Many communities also provide shuttles for their residents. These shuttles can bring residents to essential places, like the grocery store, if residents wish to cook on top of taking advantage of the community dining facility. Residents also have easy access to doctors appointments, community events, shopping and local social life in the nearby community.

Additionally, the shuttles serve to bring residents to events outside of the living community. Talk to your or your loved one’s assisted living community management to discuss opportunities like this.

Incredible Amenities

The vast majority of residents living in an assisted living move there directly from their own or a family home. Others move there directly from a hospital or rehabilitation facility.

Either way, the assisted living care community provides every facility needed for everyday care.

Some amenities can include:

  • dining services
  • exercise rooms
  • gardens and walking paths
  • theatre rooms

From food services to exercise rooms, communities ensure residents have everything essential and needed to stay healthy and happy.

Start with a Tour

Ready to find the perfect assisted living care community for you or a loved one? Start with a tour! A tour is the perfect way to assess a community’s ability to meet you or your loved one’s wants and needs.

Schedule a tour with Maple Heights Senior Living. We’d love to have you join us.