5 Important Assisted Living Facts You Need to Know

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5 Important Assisted Living Facts You Need to Know

Old age comes with its very own challenges, and it reaches a point where older adults cannot stay alone anymore. In America today, assisted living communities have become very common, and this is mainly because of the benefits of assisted living.

As adults age, they still have the desire to maintain their independence even though they still need help with several different day to day activities.

It is quite common for seniors to want to remain in their homes, but the reality is that adults above the age of 85 need help in handling activities of daily living (ADL).

What Is Assisted Living?

Not to be confused with nursing homes, assisted living is yet another type of living arrangement for seniors who value some independence while getting help at the same time. It is one of the most common types of care that is available to seniors.

Assisted living offers quite a good number of benefits to seniors. In these communities, senior adults get to live in their suites or maybe even with a companion and still get help in handling household chores like cooking, laundry, and cleaning.

These facilities are best for seniors who do not need round the clock nursing care.

What Does Assisted Living Provide?

One of the main reasons why seniors choose assisted living is having someone to help them with the ADLs. According to the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), seniors require assistants to help them as follows:

  • 62% of residents in assisted living communities need help with bathing
  • 39% need help with going to the toilet
  • 47% need help with dressing
  • 20% need help in eating
  • 30% need help with bed transfer

These facilities provide help with medication, housekeeping, transportation services, and more. Residents who move into these communities get help in almost everything.

Facts About Assisted Living That You Should Know

Even though this type of specialized care for senior citizens is common, several people do not quite get it yet. This has led to several misconceptions.

If you’re planning to take your loved one to an assisted living community or check yourself in one, here are some of the thing that you need to know:

1. Seniors Enjoy Their Independence

Assisted living communities encourage seniors to be independent. They only offer just the right amount of help a resident needs to help them remain safe.

The caregivers are always available to provide their services but will only do if requested, or when they see risk should a resident attempt to carry out the various activities by themselves.

There are no set schedules in such a community except the time that a resident needs to take their medication. Seniors are free to plan their day as they wish, and they do not lose their privacy.

2. There are No Doctors On-Site

These communities do not have a doctor on site. This is because they are not medical facilities. Some do have a registered nurse, but this is not common.

Should you need to see a doctor or have regular doctor’s appointments, the caregivers are always ready to help you with transportation.

If you need constant attention, you can consider going to a specialized care assisted living community that offers the kind of medical attention that you need.

3. They are All Unique

These communities provide different services and accommodate different budgets and tastes. Every assisted living communities offer different amenities, activities, living arrangements, and facilities. You can be sure to find one that fits your taste and budget.

Some communities focus more on providing specialized care to seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, while some cater to more active seniors who can take care of themselves with little help. It would help if you found a community that offers what you are looking for, can scale their services and abide by the states’ regulations.

These facilities also have different programs, and residents are often encouraged to participate in as many or fewer programs as they want.

4. Assisted Living Is Affordable

According to the Genworth Financial Survey, the cost of living in a nursing home in 2019 was $102,200, and the cost of moving into an assisted living community was $48,612. Though the monthly charges for an assisted living may fluctuate due to inflations, they base their monthly charges on the services or amenities utilized like cable, programs, and more.

Since it is just like living at home, you will pay for what you have used, and your rent will be determined by the type of housing that you choose.

Other services that you pay for can include lawn care, pet care, trash collection, and repairs and maintenance.

5. They Are the Future of Senior Care

The rising demand for diverse, active, and fun living arrangements for seniors has hugely impacted the growth of assisted living communities. Many people are learning these benefits of assisted care and are choosing it over any other alternative.

Assisted living communities are continually growing, and there are at least 28,900 assisted communities across the United States, according to NCAL.

When looking for an assisted living community, several insurance providers must cater to assisted living expenses. This means you should not rely on it before confirming with your provider. Though some communities accept Medicaid, they might only allocate a few beds to seniors using Medicaid, and this can limit you.

Consider These Benefits of Assisted Living

There are many benefits of assisted living that these communities offer residents. These communities give seniors a safe environment that will encourage them to be more active, comfortable, flexible, and happy.

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