How to Choose a Memory Care Community

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How to Choose a Memory Care Community

As we get older, the chances of being affected by conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia grow larger.

And with an estimated 5.7 million people living with these conditions in the United States, families everywhere are being left with tough care decisions to make.

But handing over the care of a loved one to strangers can be difficult, and the decision hard to make.

Thankfully, a memory care facility can help by providing dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers with orderly, routined living conditions. Here are some tips and questions to consider to help you choose a facility you can trust.

How Often Can You Visit?

Given the security of other patients, and the overall care of your loved one, you may not be able to visit or withdraw them from the facility too often.

When you’re considering a memory care facility, be sure to check any policies regarding visitation first. Check how often you can see them and how often you can take them outside for special occasions.

Security and Protection

Research, ask and visually inspect the security and protection the facility offers. Given the confusion that dementia and Alzheimer’s can have, it’s important for a facility to be able to stop residents from leaving and causing themselves harm if needed.

Do they have a secure entry in and out of the building? How quickly do they respond to missing residents, and how often has it occurred in the past? If the history is poor, look elsewhere.

Special Care Requirements

Discuss any special care requirements with the facility to make sure they’re capable. What kind of nursing do they have available?

It’s important to also consider longer-term care requirements. The health of your loved one may deteriorate, so be sure to question how the facility will respond to this, to ensure you’re not left with rehousing difficulties later.

Leisure and Living Arrangements

Residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia need a safe and structured environment in which to live. Considering their living arrangements is as important as their individual care.

Where are they going to be sleeping, eating and enjoying leisure activities? The day-to-day experiences of your loved ones are important, so look into what sort of lifestyle they will get to lead, to make sure it’s suitable.

If you’re wondering about the amenities that a memory care facility can offer, why not take a look at our own?

Cost Considerations

While it can be difficult to think about, the cost of care has to be considered, to make sure it’s affordable.

Be sure to get a clear and upfront answer about the cost, including any additional charges that could be applicable in the future.

If you’re finding the cost of care difficult to bare, you might be able to receive federal or state help. Take a look at some of the government benefits you might be entitled to, especially if you’re from a low-income family.

Choose the Right Memory Care Facility

Our loved ones deserve the right to a caring, supportive environment that maintains their dignity and gives them the chance to flourish in their later years.

Picking the right memory care facility can go a long way to helping a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s get the stability and care they need. While cost is important, so too is ensuring that the facility is respectable, with the right leisure, healthcare and security provision.

Why not schedule a tour of our facility here at Maple Heights and see if our community can’t become the new home for your loved one?