How to Convince Your Parents It’s Time for Assisted Living

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How to Convince Your Parents It’s Time for Assisted…

Moving a loved one into assisted living isn’t the easiest thing to do, but in reality, the decision should always come down to what’s best for them rather than what’s easy.

As such, one of the biggest services you can do for your parent(s) as a child is to help them realize when the time to consider assisted living has come.

If you’re not sure how to convince your parents of this, don’t worry.

Here are 3 tips to help you both get through this tough conversation together.

1. Don’t Tell, Ask

Most people who don’t want to admit they need assisted living are really trying to hide from the fact that they’re not as independent as they used to be. Help them embrace the independence they still have by approaching the conversation to move into assisted living as a choice, not a demand.

Ask them how they feel about this option. But, don’t just take no for an answer. If your parents are refusing to even think about this possibility, ask why.

Keep asking thoughtful, considerate questions until the conversation starts going somewhere. The more you can get your parents to open up about how they’re dealing with aging, the better you’ll be able to share the benefits of assisted living with them.

2. Focus on the Facts

The thing about bringing up the subject of assisted living, and aging in general, is that these conversations can get really emotional really fast. You have to focus on the facts even if you can tell your parents are getting worked up.

Of course, it’s good to share how much you love them and want the best for them. But when it comes to proving your point, facts will get you further than feelings.

Bring up what their doctors have been saying and changes in behavior that you’ve been seeing, too. Talk to your parents about the real dangers they can face if they choose to keep living alone rather than in assisted living.

3. Wait for a Learning Moment to Happen

What if your parent doesn’t want to listen to the points you’re trying to make? What if they’d rather brush off a recent fall they had as a “one-time” thing or if they fail to see the severity of it?

Put the conversation on pause and wait for a learning moment to present itself.

The next time you notice that your dad isn’t taking his medication or that your mom is struggling to get up the stairs or even off the couch, bring up assisted living again. It’s hard for them to ignore the facts when they’re right in front of them instead of a situation that happened in the past.

Here’s the Best Way to Learn How to Convince Your Parents to Move into Assisted Living:

The best way to learn how to convince your parents to move into assisted living is to keep trying. After all, it makes sense for them to give you some pushback the first few times you bring it up.

Keep in mind that this transition often makes people come to terms with how old they really are. It’s a release of their independence and it leaves the question about what they’re going to do about their home, too.

The best thing you can do is be there for your parents and guide them through the process. The rest will work itself out as the transition to assisted living begins and they adjust to their new community.

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