When Is It Time for Assisted Living? Look for These 5 Signs

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When Is It Time for Assisted Living? Look for…

One of the hardest decisions to make for yourself or a loved one is if it is time to make the switch to assisted living.

We often may try to keep our loved one in our own home or their home as long as possible, but generally, there is a time to accept that they need more help than you can give.

Senior living can also be a great initial option for older individuals, and it often gives them a healthy amount of freedom.

Moreover, it can give them more opportunities to socialize, engage in hobbies, and eat healthy meals.

Assisted living can, therefore, be one of the best options for both the family and the loved one in need.

Read on to learn the answer to the question of when is it time for assisted living with five key signs.

When is it Time for Assisted Living? Five Key Signs

The signs that it is time for assisted living can vary depending on the person and the situation, but overall here are a few things to keep an eye out for.

1. Escalating Care Needs

The first question you should ask when trying to determine if its time for assisted living is whether or not their care needs exceed your abilities.

If you feel like you are stretched too thin, and their health continues to decline, it is time to consider letting a professional in an assisted living facility.

2. Wandering Behavior

This sign is one of the most dangerous signs, and when assisted living is needed. Wandering behavior can be especially risky if you are not able to be with them at all times.

Moreover, this behavior can be immensely more problematic if the elderly person is struggling with dementia, Alzheimer’s disorder, or other neurological conditions.

3. Frequent Accidents

We want to believe that we can handle any situation our loved one gets themselves in, but this is often not the case for accidents.

If you find yourself constantly worrying about them falling, and they have a track record of doing so, it is time to consider that they would be safer in an assisted living facility.

4. Difficulty Engaging in Daily Activities

Whether your loved one is living by themselves or with you, try to take notice of their ability to engage in daily activities.

These could be as simple as grocery shopping, daily walking, or personal hygiene. If they struggle to do activities that are near essential to life, it may be time to seek help.

5. Caregiver Anxiety

Last but not least, ask yourself if you are suffering from high levels of caregiver anxiety.

This is often the clearest answer to the question of when is it time for assisted living.

If you are always anxious about your loved one, their health, and its impact on your family, assisted living may be the best option for them.

Know When it is time for Assisted Living

Overall, answering the question of when is it time for assisted living will greatly depend on you and your family’s situation.

However, there are certain things to look for that could interfere with your loved one’s ability to live at home.

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